Handwriting Is Good For You

Hello and welcome to #justpickupapen! My name is Doris, and I use handwriting and calligraphy not just in my business, but especially to keep feeling sane and balanced in my personal life. Here is where I share how you, too, can reap all the benefits of a calmer mind, learning a new skill, and engaging in more intentional and personal communication.

If you’re interested in using handwriting for mental health, check out Write For You. If you’re interested in learning or going deeper with your calligraphy practice, check out Learn Calligraphy or book a Consultation & Coaching session. Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter below to get monthly highlights and deals.


Write For You

Process thoughts and emotions through expressive writing. Practice mindfulness using your handwriting as moving meditation with daily prompts.

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Learn Calligraphy

Check out my online classes on Skillshare, join an upcoming live workshop, or sign up your 8 to 12-year-old little ones for Calligraphy for Kids.

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Consultation & Coaching

For the times when you want a second set of eyes on your piece, or need to dive deep into a specific topic, or want undivided attention to ask me anything.

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