Handwriting Is Good For You

Hello and welcome to #justpickupapen! My name is Doris, and I use handwriting and calligraphy not just in my business, but especially to keep feeling sane and balanced in my personal life. Here is where I share how you, too, can reap all the benefits of a calmer mind, learning a new skill, and engaging in more intentional and personal communication.

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Write For You

Process thoughts and emotions through expressive writing. Practice mindfulness using your handwriting as moving meditation with daily prompts.

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Learn Calligraphy

Check out my online classes on Skillshare, join an upcoming live workshop, or sign up your 8 to 12-year-old little ones for Calligraphy for Kids.

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Consultation & Coaching

For the times when you want a second set of eyes on your piece, or need to dive deep into a specific topic, or want undivided attention to ask me anything.

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