Iā€™m a freelance letterer and calligrapher and love teaching what I know. Based in Brooklyn, available worldwide. #havepenwilltravel

My name is Doris, and I live in Brooklyn. I was a student and secretary in my 20s, an executive coach and trainer in my 30s, and I started a creative lettering and calligraphy business in my 40s. After moving to New York, I took a sabbatical and took up a hobby: lettering. I would lose hours just playing with pen on paper, and it had a meditative effect that I never quite managed to reach sitting cross-legged or focusing on my breath. 

Through #justpickupapen, I want to share tips, tricks, and tools on how you, too, can reap all the benefits of a calmer mind, learning a new skill, and engaging in more intentional, personal communication. I will add new blog articles depending on my schedule, so for your convenience, please sign up for the Pen Tribe on the Home page. It's a newsletter that'll go out once a month containing highlights and links to new items that have been posted while we were living our lives.

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Thanks for joining me, now go grab a piece of paper and pick up a pen! How many different ways can you write your name? If you want, post it on social media, tag me @dorisfullgrabe and use the hashtag #justpickupapen so I can see and share it with the tribe.

Love and good vibes, Dxx