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Welcome! Start here:

Hello, my name is Doris Fullgrabe, and welcome to Just Pick Up A Pen.

Whether you’re new to lettering and calligraphy, or want to make more time for handwriting, and you’ve got questions, or you’d like to go from “newbie” to expert fast - you’re in the right place. 

If it’s your first time here, please take a moment and answer six quick questions. They'll help me better tailor the content to your needs: bit.ly/PenTribeIntro. I also recommend signing up for my free monthly Pen Tribe newsletter, by clicking the button below.

You’ll get instant access to a complimentary PDF, "Start Your Lettering Practice in 5 Simple Steps", giving you an overview of terminology, lettering styles, examples from my own journey and practice, and 26 prompts to get you started. 

When you sign up, you can expect a monthly round-up of tips, tricks, and tutorials about handwriting, lettering, and calligraphy, including:

  • Context: the evolution of handwriting and its tools
  • Craft: learn how to write in certain styles
  • Creative: learn the secrets to layout, flourishing, and start making your own masterpieces

Now for some FAQ:

A website about handwriting, isn’t that incongruous?

Yes, it kinda is, glad you picked up on that. ;-) I’m not here to bash technology and tell you to throw your phones in the river, move to the woods, and never look back. I am here to encourage and inspire you to keep using your pens, or bringing them back if you’ve discarded them, maybe even add a new way of writing to your existing skills. 

What’s so great about handwriting?

I go into more detail on the blog, but the bottom line is this: Writing with your hands, whether it’s your everyday chicken-scratch, Copperplate calligraphy, or doodling while watching TV - all of it is proven to help with memory retention, calming monkey-brain, lowering blood pressure, even reducing PTSD, helping with depression, and making cancer treatments more bearable. 

OK, but do I need special tools?

Not for handwriting or basic lettering, no - just grab the next pencil, eraser, ruler, and printer paper that you have lying around. 

If you want to reproduce certain calligraphy styles, then yes. At about $25 per kit, they’re a cheaper hobby than inline skating or base jumping. 

But I have really bad handwriting…

Great! When it comes to lettering and calligraphy, your handwriting doesn’t really come into it. If you have the intention to use your handwriting more, I give you some more ideas for that on the blog, and if you want to make your handwriting look better, we can do that, too. For example, check out my Copperplate class on Skillshare

Where can I learn some more?

Browse around this blog, and sign up for the Pen Tribe. You’ll receive a complimentary PDF to Start Your Lettering Practice in 5 Simple Steps. In a monthly newsletter, you’ll then receive tips and new blog posts conveniently delivered straight to your inbox.

Sincerely yours,


The Pen is Mightier than the Keyboard

The Pen is Mightier than the Keyboard