10 Questions featuring Sharon Cobb

10 Questions featuring Sharon Cobb

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What's your name and where can we find you?

Sharon Cobb, you can find me Sharon.cobb@idximpressions.com

What's your lettering / calligraphy background?

I got a job in a sign shop 20 years ago and learned some illustrator and Composer (vector vinyl cutting program) lettering trucks and boats. Before that I would draw and paint murals for nurseries for friends and family in my spare time.

When was the last time you surprised yourself?

Signing up for Lauren's class and finally taking the leap to do something for myself. Being a broke single parent for so long, it was a huge extravagance to spend some money on myself and something I was passionate about.

What is your greatest frustration in the creative process?

Being an oldie and not knowing how to take something from paper to digital. Taking this class opened my eyes and with so much support from the group I learned about skillshare and many other avenues to learn now that my kids are grown and I have the time

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Having the guts to do something for myself and having one of my kids walk in on me lettering and say " hey Ma! That's cool!" And then listen about the project, give me ideas, and check in to see my progress.

Who are your favorite artists? 

Well, Lauren or course. I'm still new to being online, Instagram, etc. so my head spins with all the talent out there. I tend to gravitate to graffiti/tattoo/vintage signs and lettering. David Smith's glass is just out of this world. Many sign makers featured in "Signs of the times" magazine that are keeping the sign making craft alive just kill me with their skills and talent. The Atkinson Plates book is my fav. Vintage hand painted signs recolored is beyond belief!

What is your motto?

What a great thought provoking question! What is my motto...hmmmm...I don't have one but maybe I should. I think it would be something along the lines of "believe you can, and make it so!" or "you can change as soon as you choose to." You have to take that first step...people suffering from depression tend to stay away from others, don't want to share or make contact. I was overwhelmed when I signed up for this class by all the support everyone had for each other. It's changed my outlook on life. It made me realize that there are others out there with the same interests, willing to share and support each other. The Internet is an amazing thing to those of us in our 50's!

If you weren't a letterer/calligrapher, what would you be and why?

Well, I'm NOT a letterer (by my day job) just as a hobby, but I guess you'd have to cut my hands off for me not to do it. I also cook so I'd probably try to find a job with a non profit helping vets and the why part would be because we owe them!

What's your ONE piece of advice to people starting out?

Go online, find a class, see if it resonates and take what you can from it and then You Be You!

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