10 Questions with Josh Higgins

10 Questions with Josh Higgins

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Josh Higgins is another Passion to Paid alumni, and being an MBTI® Master Practitioner myself, of course I was super excited about his Introflirted Project! FYI, he has a Kickstarter Campaign live right now, so go ahead and show his book some love. 

Inspired by the Proust Questionnaire, I'm asking letterers and calligraphers I admire to share their thoughts on success, frustration, personal experiences, and more.

What's your name and where can we find you?

Josh Higgins. Physically you can find me in Houston, TX. Digitally you can find me at HMDStuff.com or @HMDStuff on instagram. 

(Josh was also recently featured on the Dribbble Blog!!!)

What's your lettering / calligraphy background?

I've been a designer for about 7 years now, but I've only be really exploring lettering the last 1-2 years.

When was the last time you surprised yourself?

I recently launched these complex pins that are the back end of a car with a real opening trunk. When I worked with my vendor to make them I was super nervous if they would turn out okay, but the final product surpassed all my expectations by far. That's in part due to my design work, but mostly due to their excellent production of it. Shout out to Night Owls in Houston, TX!

What is your greatest frustration in the creative process?

Execution. It's hard to accept that sometimes what you visualize and what you can execute are drastically different. It's also hard to maintain the energy to keep refining or really concentrate on the finishing touches.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

I'm extremely proud of my Introflirted project and how much I've been able to express myself and connect with others through it, but overall I think HMD Stuff & Thangs and all the things I'm able to create through it is my greatest achievement. Usually whatever the latest add to that store is what I'm most proud of at any given moment.

Who are your favorite artists?

Tuesday Bassen, Ryan Duggan, McBess, Gemma O'Brien, Erik Marinovich, Lauren Hom, Jon Contino, Wayne White, and my buddies Jade Young, Sarah Welch, and Blake Jones.

What is your motto?

Hmm I'm not sure, maybe "Do Stuff, Make Thangs". I'm a big fan of doing stuff and making thangs.

If you weren't a letterer/calligrapher, what would you be and why?

I would say I'm a designer first and foremost and an artist secondary; lettering is just a means to executing my designs or expressing my art. If I was none of those things, maybe a professional wrestler, because I think it's an excellent combination of creativity, story telling, athleticism, and entertainment... also, it's just fun.  

What's your ONE piece of advice to people starting out?

Just start and keep doing stuff. It's the hardest advice for me to follow as well, but everyone that I know that is "talented" is mostly just hard-working. They might have some natural aptitude or ability for something, but mostly they are so good at something because they do it all the time. That kid that drew all the time in school was the best illustrator in the class because they drew all the time.

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