I love how thorough Doris is with each letter, and explaining how the letters are formed. Grouping them by formation helps tremendously! I am so happy to do this class, it makes Copperplate Calligraphy so much easier!
— Shilpa Shah

Absolutely love the class. Everything is explained and demonstrated in a nice flow. Absolutely recommend this class!

— Iryna Boehland

This is one of the most clearly explained calligraphy lessons that I have taken on Skillshare. Thank you Doris, you are a brilliant teacher. You explained every single stroke you made with extreme clarity and simplicity. I have learned so much from you

— Eleanor Curtin

This a very enjoyable class full of clear explanations to understand the Copperplate Style. And the teacher is extremely kind to answer every question and to encourage us to keep trying and improve our handwriting skills. I simply love this class.

— Erendira espinosa